Information About Our Residential Sewer Services


Flow More Sewer Services, Inc. cleans septic tanks and home treatment plants in Southeast Louisiana. We completely pump out and remove all sludge from tanks. Additionally, we wash down the walls and floors to remove all debris from the tank.



All of our drivers are qualified professionals and are highly skilled in the cleaning and maintenance of your septic system. They are expertly trained and highly capable of answering any questions you may have while they are servicing your septic tankThe average range to service a sewer system is between five to seven years.



Each truck carries 150 feet of hose to allow the truck to stay on a hard surface to reduce the occurrence of yard damage from trucks driving into the customer’s yard. Additional hoses are available for customers who have limited access to the septic tank or home treatment plant.


Septic tank and HTU (Home Treatment Units) are designed to treat the sewerage and wastewater generated by normal household activities. They are not designed to treat hazardous waste or any other type of industrial wastes.


How to Keep Your Septic & Home Treatment Units Operating Efficiently

  1. Don’t put grease or food waste down the drain and that includes down the garbage disposal.
  2. Use “Septic Safe” toilet paper.
  3. Don’t flush feminine or latex (condoms) products down the toilet.
  4. Avoid using excessive amounts of bleach or other chemicals including washing detergent or dish soap.
  5. Repair any leaky faucets in tubs and sinks.
  6. Stagger water usage as much as possible (i.e. wash clothes during midday or at night when no other water related activities are occurring).
  7. Don’t drive over or around sewer system or drain lines.
  8. Don’t plant trees, shrubs, gardens around or on top of septic tank or drain lines.
  9. Keep ants & spiders out of & away from septic and HTU components as well as aerator motor & electrical connections. Use ant poison semi-annually to keep them away from these areas. Clean aerator filter every 6 months.